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[695] An oblique aerial photograph of #Crater in #Aden, #Yemen from the east, 25 September 1933.

Oblique view of the Aden crater taken in 1933 with Sira Island bottom centre of the photograph. The Main Pass from the crater to the port of Ma’ala and onto Steamer Point is to the right of the dark promontory below centre of the photograph. (provenance unknown)


[698.2] view from east towards the crater, Seerah Island headland, with Volage engaging the fortress mole batteries. 1839 [698]





[701]View of the Gulf of Aden coast “Gibbul Shumsan from the Vessel at Anchor in Aden eastern bay” drawn by Capt. Haines 1839

[709], Front bay at crater, c.

Photograph in the Port of Aden Annual: 1949 [709]

[712.1] view from west from the crater, Seerah Mole at left hand end of large panorama in British Plans for the Fortification of Aden [‎136r] (89/90). The round tower at top right. 1839

[715], Crater district of Aden with Sira Island in the background. Aden 1965, 1966 or 1967., c. 1966,
[716], flood wadi crater, c. 1895,
[717], panorama crater, c. 1860-1900,
[718], sira mole, c. 1885,Edward Prados,An Archaeological Investigation of Sira Bay., Aden, Republic of Yemen

An Archaeological Investigation of Sira Bay., Aden, Republic of Yemen, International Journal of Nautical Archaeology, 1994 23: Figure 6 p. 303

[720], panorama crater, c.

[721] ??

[722], Sira Island  and large building, c.

[723.1], panorama crater, c.

[723.2] regimental barracks


[724], Aden Crater Yemen Old Postcard, c.

[725], crater open area, c.
[727], Island of Serra, Aden, c. 1859,William Godfrey Rayson Masters (c.1823 - 1895),
see Detail of mole in painting Island of Serra, Aden by William Godfrey Rayson Masters 1859

[729], Crater, Aden seen from the sea in 1965, c. 1965,
[730], mosque in Crater and Sira Island, Aden., c. 1960s,

see Detail of mole in photograph of mosque in Crater and Sira Island, Aden.1960s
[731], Sira Island and mole, c. 1905,

[734] #2350 and [734] Plan of Aden (I MS, f. 53a, text, p. 129, tabula V)

[735.1]  Norris, H. T. & Penhey, F. W., The Historical Development of Aden's Defences, The Geographical Journal, London, 1955 (Mar.) 121:1:11-20 ~

[735.2]  Norris, H. T. & Penhey, F. W., The Historical Development of Aden's Defences, The Geographical Journal, London, 1955 (Mar.) 121:1:11-20 ~
[736] A Royal Navy frigate under tow in Front Bay, Aden, Yemen (illustrated) (+ A Royal Navy frigate off the Yemen coast; pair)

[737.1] Crater 1967, An aerial view of Queen Arwa Road and the infamous Crater district of Aden
[737.1] Crater 1967, sketchmap of Crater district of Aden

[741] Annotated topographical drawing of Aden 1850, Mends, George Pechell, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

[742] 1870-1880

[743] A Mussulman Temple, Aden 1839-1854 Stafford Bettesworth Haines

[744.1]Warships off Sira Island after the attack on Aden, January 19, 1839, a dra ing by Lieutenant E. W. S. Daniell commanding the Mahi from ref 2371

[744.2] Preparing for the attack of Aden by J. S. Rundle from ref 2371

[745] 1870s 'View in the Crater'. Photographer: Unknown [‎6a] (1/1) in An Account of the British Settlement of Aden in Arabia', compiled by Captain F.M. Hunter


[747] arab nosque aden



[750] c1953

[751] Crater jetty with Arab dhows and view of Seera Island

[752] coloured copy of [760]

[753] 1905

[754] 1960s
Printed by: Ferrania
Photographed by: Dick Ketchian
minaret to right

[755]  Le Monde illustré 01 Jan 1904 p.268 ref 2378

[756] 1860 L'illustration : journal universel. no.880-931 (1860). p. 189

[757] 1862 Vue de Port-Aden
from 2 different magazines UI or MI

[758.1] 1861 La ville d'Aden en Arabie
Le Monde illustré 30 Nov. 1861 pp. 760-761

[758.2] 1861 main gate
Le Monde illustré 30 Nov. 1861 pp. 760-761

[758.3] 1861 steamer point
Le Monde illustré 30 Nov. 1861 pp. 760-761

[759] Crater barracks with foreshore

[760] Aden general view looking SW

[761]  Regimental Barracks with 'Aden, Arabia' added below in pencil looking towards seera island more left of [722]

[762] Camel drawn water barrel

[763] El Aldroos mosque  see also {745] and [746]

[764] 1959 View from tanks to NE

[765] Aden during the days of the British occupation
khaled saleh 24 February 1914

[767] 1867 and 1909

[768] 1880

[769] 1880

[770] 1880

[771] 1880

[772] 1880




[776] 1870

[777] 1962 Two more views, this one looking down on an area of the harbour reserved for Arab dhows .....

The S&R jetty at Obstruction Pier is located near the top right of the photograph.

[778] Michel Yemen (Aden): Marshag Point Lighthouse

[779] 1962 aerial view Seera island and causeway Aden Harbour_from Sycamore XG518

[780] 1967  low-level view, this time looking through a gap in lower Shamsan mountain towards Crater (Richard Grevatte-Ball)

[781] 1964 Crater town from the top of Shamsan (reversed)

[782] west from crater to steamer point

[783] oblique of crater

[785] The Route Of The Overland Mail To India  1850-1852 (made)

This print is one of a series of thirty-two published in a volume entitled 'The Route of the Overland Mail To India'. The prints are believed to be by the artist Henry Fitzcook, a painter of history and biblical scenes. The series of prints are based on scaled-down drawings of the Diorama 'Overland Route of the Mail from Southampton to Calcutta' created by Thomas Grieve and William Telbin. The Diorama consisted of a series of thirty full-size, painted scenes inspired by the ports and places encountered by P&O (the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company founded in 1837) passengers on their travels overseas, to be seen on a revolving stage accompanied by commentary and music. The diorama was a great success and was recreated in an album of watercolours. The engraved version of the publication appeared in 1850 to 1852.

[786] Aden. From the east  Dated Jany. 1866 - , inscribed with title and Drawn by a Private soldier 109th. Regt, numbered 29
The 109th Regiment were the Bombay Infantry (later the 2nd Leinsters): they did a normal tour of duty at Aden, 1864-66. (Searight Archive).

[787] The Pass into Aden 14th June 1842 Unknown Artist

[788] Aden Crater 1957

[789] Aden: the Isthmus and Turkish Wall 1843

[809] Aden wall and fort atop main pass