Have added a google map page to show the Gazetteer data in a visual format.
South East Arabian COASTLINE GAZETTEER Place names,toponyms and variants thereof, on or near to the South East Arabian coastline - the Musandam, the Oman coastline and the Hadhramaut.

Peter Rowland, 24 March 2023  

Trying to trace Sir M. Aurel Stein expeditions led me to AGIS mapping and NIMA  in 2001, and  Old World Trade Routes (OWTRAD) Project in 2006. Over the years I have extracted information of interest and am now using that to try to address the lack of data relating to the South East Arabian coastline, from the south Arabian gulf  at Abu Dhabi through the Straits of Hormuz, about the Musandam, along the Batinah of the Gulf of Oman and around Ra's al Hadd on the Arabian Sea towards Dhofar.

Peter Rowland, 20 December 2022   


After a short period looking at the Asian vignettes of Arosbay, Bantam and Gammalamma, I returned to the only other vignette that is contemporary to Hormuz, that of Aden. This subject and its history has provided many opportunities to digress and explore the creation, knowledge and communication associated with the vignette  and other similar images. I have added the Images of Aden as well as related image material and hope in due time to find a suitable way to add my notes.

Peter Rowland, 24 October 2022

After finding a number of new images online, I have redone the Images of Hormuz page as Images of Hormuz revision 4, with a new layout and larger images.

Peter Rowland, 30 September 2020.

I have just added a new item, the working life of my grandfather, Harry Walter Rowland. I had little idea what he was involved in until I started to understand his papers that my father had left me. Ship salvage work 100 years ago takes some time to comprehend. The pages here will be changing as details are amended and added. Thanks to my cousins the Truins who have given me a lot to work on. One thing that comes across is his affection for the Liverpool Salvage Association salvage ship Ranger.

Peter Rowland, 31 January 2018.

I have resurrected three items, Essays on Hormuz, Images of Hormuz and The City and the Sea presentation that I made in London some years ago. These were originally hosted on my website www.dataxinfo.com but when I moved house nearly four years ago, I decided that the site had served its purpose and was not worth the cost anymore so I let it lapse.

The content of this website is best suited for desktop viewing. Some content is still in its originally published format, old html.

Peter Rowland, 15 December 2017.